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Prue and Alec

"Congrats Ken and Nate! We know first hand what great sports and life skills coaching you'll provide."

Ali Lesch

"This program for special needs is nothing short of miraculous. You have to see it to believe it. It's filled with hard work and joy every Saturday!"

Sheldon Firstenberg

"Fantastic father-son basketball duo who bring empathy, joy, and basketball principles to players who would not otherwise have this opportunity."


"My daughter's participation in Uptown Hoops has created a space for movement, companionship and joy to counter the frequent isolation, loneliness and sedentary patterns of life with which our family members  with ID so often struggle. Catherine's Saturday morning sessions are a highlight of her life! Thank you, Coach Ken, Nate and District 3"

Daniel Thomaschek 

"I enjoy Uptown Hoops with Coaches Ken and Nate, and all of the buddies. The drills help me and others improve our game. What a great way to spend a Saturday morning!"

Jeff Bloch

"Ken runs an amazing program, which benefitted my son - and so many others - for many years. Our kids need to feel successful, and Ken makes it happen"


"Today we had a party and celebrated the end of the basketball season coach Ken, Coach Daisy, Coach Nate and buddies and players had an amazing time together at Uptown Hoops NYC"
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