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Coach Ken and Coach Nate

Photo: Uehara Photography

Champions Division manager Ken McGrory and his son, Nate, run a dynamic program—from the first skill building clinics to the fun action-packed games — carefully designed to adapt to the needs of each participant.


Players with different developmental, social and emotional abilities and their families have found a warm, welcoming community in our co-ed Champions Program, now gearing up for our 24th season.

We offer a wide range of programs for children and adults of all ages and abilities. Our mission is to provide a safe, fun, and inclusive environment for athletes to learn, grow, and thrive.


The Champions program has succeeded in strengthening participants’ confidence, attention span and social skills while also developing their athletic abilities.


The Champions program over the years has consisted of approximately 120 participants from all five boroughs, Long Island and New Jersey.  They have played within the following sub-groups: Rising Stars, ages 5 to 10; Rising Juniors, ages 11 to 15, Juniors, ages 15 – 19 and three groups of Seniors, ages 18+ (no age limit).

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