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Coach Ken

Ken's passion for basketball started at 13, and it has only grown stronger since then. He has been coaching basketball for 30 years, with the last 25 years dedicated to training players with special needs.

Coach Kashif

Kashif has been playing basketball in NYC his entire life. He played high school basketball at HSMSE and later for Hunter College in Manhattan. After finishing his playing career, he immediately shifted over to coaching. He has been coaching in both Queens and Manhattan for the past 9 years.

Coach Nate

Nate has been coaching with his dad, Coach Ken,  in the special needs community for more than two decades. He played high school basketball at HSMSE and club basketball at Ohio State before tearing his ACL. Since then, he's been coaching various programs on the UWS

and UES.

Coach Dacey

Dacey has been coaching basketball for over a decade and has been a personal trainer for more than four years. She is an expert in her field and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and skills to help others learn the game of basketball and improve their fitness. Whether coaching her own team or working with UPHNYC, she is an invaluable asset to have!

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